Grace Fellowship Baptist Church
Deacon Family Ministry
“Through Love Serve One Another”

What is the Deacon Family Ministry Plan?

The Deacon Family Ministry Plan is designed to minister to the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of our church members and their families. Our goal is to be an extension the Pastor’s ministry by touching the lives of others in a way that shows Jesus’ love for them. Each deacon is paired with several families and reaches out to be a trusted resource to you and your family. Our deacons will spend time in each deacons meeting praying for the needs of their “families” and rejoicing as God fulfills those needs.

How can your deacon help you?

Although that is a question that only you can answer, here are some of the ways that our deacons may be able to assist you and your family:
 Being a good listener
 Being a friend and encourager who demonstrates his love for you
 Praying for you and with you
 Providing support in a time of crisis
 Discussing questions about your faith and walk with Christ
 Discussing questions about Grace Fellowship so you can be informed about any church activities, decisions, or plans that are of special interest to you
 Assisting you in finding ways to serve the church
 Connecting you to other church members
 Rejoicing as you and your family share important achievements
As each church year starts we hope that your family and you will develop a strong relationship with a Grace Fellowship Baptist Church Deacon that has been appointed to your family. Feel free to call on your deacon in any situation! You are not restricted to just your deacon, feel free to call on any of your Grace Fellowship Baptist Church deacons if you so desire.
If you have questions about this ministry, please contact Jack Hollowell, Pastor or Lucas Luther, Chairman of Grace Fellowship Baptist Church Deacons.
Thank You for allowing us to minister to you and your family’s needs!

Friends in Christ,
Grace Fellowship Baptist Church Deacons

Edwin Moody, 360.5245
Brandon Hyde, 361.3435
Wayne Rogers, 321.3513
Roger Holloway, 361, 2454
Wallace Matheson, 557.7060